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Here to help with communication skills - especially when dealing with difficult clients/customers

Are you a someone who feels stressed and nervous when you have to deal with those clients or customers who are difficult because they are unhappy or they are complaining?
Do you dread going into work in case you are faced with these clients or customers?
Are you stopping yourself from going for that promotion in fear of having to deal with even more of these sort of issues?
I can help you to be confident and in control in these situations. Help calm your fears and help you manage your feelings and anxieties. 
You are stronger than you realise, you can deal with these people and you can be empowered to go as far as you want to go in your career. You can have that life you want.


Hate Dealing with Argumentative Clients/Customers?

Confrontation is a normal and natural part of life. It doesn't matter what your perception of confrontation is, a slightly raised voice or someone shouting and being threatening  - it only matters about how it makes you feel and how you deal with it.  All too often, peoples’ mental health is negatively impacted because they work in an environment where confrontation takes place and they don’t know how to cope or deal with it. Your employer may put on a short course as a bit of a ‘token gesture’, but is that enough?
Do you feel anxious about going to work because you are nervous that a client or customer may complain or get angry about something and you feel that it will be left to you to deal with? Do you feel that you get tongue tied and stressed in these situations and don't know what to do, how to act, what to say - you just want it to end, for the person to go away and leave you alone? 
You can deal with these situations, you are stronger than you realise. You can be confident and in control.
Why don't you get in touch and see how I can help you.


What Step Back and Breathe can offer

Here with you all the way to enable you to become confident, empowered and in control

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Group Sessions

Why not have a day workshop in your workplace?  A course for up to 10 attendees to brush up on communication skills and gain all my knowledge and experience of dealing with difficult situations.

Get in touch and lets talk.

Working 1-1

Some people prefer the more personal approach. I can make this happen.  Working one to one with you is something I can provide to help you gain your confidence to be able to improve your communication skills, especially when dealing with difficult clients/customers.  Everyone wants to deal with things in their own way. The beauty of being online is the platforms available means I can help anyone from anywhere. Get in touch and let's see how I can help you.


Free Facebook Group

Fancy joining our Community and getting advise and support from each other.  This is the way to keep up to date on all of our offers. Be the first to find out what is happening in our world with weekly lives or videos and posts. Look forward to seeing you there!

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A bit about me

Let me introduce myself, I'm Donna Walker. 
After being in the Prison Service for twenty years and dealing with everything from disagreements and upsets to altercations and violence (and everything else in between), I know a thing or two about dealing with confrontation, particularly as a woman.
When I first joined I can remember thinking to myself, ‘What on earth have I done?!’; there seemed to be so many prisoners and just little ‘ole’ me (enter a classic ‘Damsel in Distress’ of your choice here).
Of course, it wasn’t just me, and I wasn’t pushed petticoat first into a cell full of prisoners. I had fantastic colleagues around me from whom I devoured knowledge and prior experience. We were put through in-depth training to ensure we had all of the tools and techniques to prepare us for any eventuality, and the training college spent an incredible number of hours teaching us one of the most valuable skills a person can have; Interpersonal Skills. Throughout my career, from beginning as an Officer to becoming a Custodial Manager, I managed numerous staff, dealing with complex confrontational situations. It became second nature - you don’t even realise you are doing it.  Until you are in a different environment.
After two decades in the Prison Service, my career ended due to ill health. Suddenly, I’d lost my ‘niche’ – where could I go from here? My skills and expertise seemed so specialised, I worried I’d never fit in anywhere else and, at first, I didn’t seem to. But then it hit me – dealing with confrontation is something that everybody around me seemed to struggle with - particularly in the work place - except me. I was so lucky that I’d received all of this high-level training that enabled me to not only diffuse situations, but to deal and cope with the intense feelings that often overwhelm you when faced with conflict. I’m sure you’ve been there yourself – feeling cornered, embarrassed, tongue-tied, outraged, anxious - sounding familiar?
In the age of everything being ‘instant’, and the ‘blame culture’ that stifles the work place, people become easily agitated, which unfortunately, often leads to confrontation. The person bearing the brunt of this outpouring of indignation, is usually left feeling personally affronted and completely unarmed to deal with this situation. Feeling tongue-tied and flustered is awful – but it doesn’t have to be that way.
I decided that I wanted to help people to feel in control and lose the anxiety around confrontation. Having been that woman who was filled with anxiety at the thought of confrontation, to now having over twenty years of experience and skills in how to confidently deal with complex situations, I knew I could help others learn how to do the same. I mean, I worked in a prison…how much more confrontational can it get!?
I now offer online courses, support groups, memberships, and even 1-1 coaching to help people go from anxious to empowered. The beauty of working online is that no-one is out of reach – I can help you no matter where you are in the world! I do offer in person courses too!
And the best bit? Once you are confident in dealing with confrontational situations, you will find that other areas of your life will be enhanced too. You lose the constant anxiety and overthinking. No situation lasts forever, and I can teach you the skills and give you the tools to deal with it whilst it’s going on.
Let's get through this together.


Contact Me

I understand that not all of your questions may have been answered just by reading the website. I want to be able to put your mind at rest that Step Back and Breathe would be an ideal place for you. Please message me, by email or by the chat, with anything which may be playing on your mind about confrontation, anything you have read on the site or something which is bothering you at the moment. Let's get through this together.   Privacy Policy

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