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She thought I was going to be a difficult customer!

Updated: Jan 11

I wanted to share with everyone one of the things which sparked me into wanting to help people.

Our TV broke, it was a new TV so it wasn't a problem, book it in - they collect - fix it - return it - done.

The day of collection, they didn't collect.

I rang the help centre. The lady who answered advised that their system was showing that the drivers had submitted that I had cancelled. Obviously, I hadn't.

As she was telling me this information, you could hear her voice change. She had gone from the chirpy, welcoming lady to a very nervous, even fearful one. I could tell she was waiting, anticipating for me to start ranting at her.

Yes, I did ask if I could rebook. The lady then had to tell me the computer wouldn't allow rebooks for another 2 hours. Her heart must have been in her mouth when she had to tell me that!

There I was, TV not working, not been collected, drivers had said that I'd cancelled when I hadn't and now I was being told that I couldn't book another collection for another 2 hours.

I am sure I could hear this poor woman's heart pounding through the phone!

I had to say something to this lady, she was just waiting for the explosion from me! So I just said something along the lines of computers aren't all they are cracked up to be are they. I didn't want to patronise the lady by saying its ok I'm not going to rant at you, but I also wanted her to feel comfortable on the call - which I could tell she wasn't. She was still waiting for something to happen.

I asked if someone could call me in 2 hours to book another slot, as it was their error. Something I wish I hadn't said - the lady now had to tell me no. She was back on the rollercoaster! Telling me that putting a note on my account couldn't guarantee that someone would call, she must have thought would tip me over the edge.

I just told her that it was ok, it wasn't her fault, thanks for everything she had done and I would call later to book the collection. The lady then thanked me for being so understanding! You could tell she was so grateful!!

After I finished have a one sided discussion with my husband - you can picture it, I talking saying that it wasn't right, that woman shouldn't have to feel like that, the companies should give them support (I should point out I have no idea what support this particular company does have in place for its employees), I could help that woman learn to deal with sh***y customers. All the time husband is nodding in the right places.

At the end of my speech my Husband says - I don't know why you don't go out and do that, go out and help people, you've been dealing with confrontation for long enough - if you don't know your stuff then know one does.

This is just one of the reasons, but it one of the main reasons. I hate to think of struggling at work because of how others are making them feel due to these situations. There are skills you can learn, adapt, improve to make sure you can deal with any situation.

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